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Are you frustrated by challenges in your organization that take forever to fix, holding you back, and costing a lot?

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Embark on a journey with transformative workshops and empowering learning experiences available in Englisch, French and German.

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Bridging Individuals to teAms
That’s what I do!

Bridging Individuals to teAms
That’s what I do!

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Team misalignment can be costly for organizations, leading to unproductive meetings, cross-functional collaboration roadblocks, and customer confusion. It’s like an internal struggle that affects everyone.

As a former project manager and consultant in Organizational Development, I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand!

Helping leadership and teams solve problem faster, make smarter decision and get tangible results is my mission.

For this, I certified as a Master Workshopper facilitator with AJ&Smart, and as a AI Design Sprint™ facilitator with 33A.

Skilled with a wide range of innovative methods, I guide you and your teams towards, growth and success.

Whether it’s remote or in person, I create a safe space where every voice is valued, and ideas can flourish.

Here is your ticket to work with me!


design & facilitation




& sharing


design & facilitation

I design and run workshops that get your team working together, solving problems faster and getting great results!



Workshops designed for:

  • Leadership and c-level
  • Teamleader / Projectmanager and their teams


Your challenge:

Are you struggling to foster collaboration in your workplace, with a lack of alignment and poor communication within your team, holding back performance?

Workshop Purpose:

Whether it’s defining the company strategy, clarifying roles and responsibilities, or establishing project goals, the focus of this workshop is on achieving consensus and ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.

Workshop Outcome:

By the end of this alignment workshop, your team will be empowered with a shared vision, clear roles, and enhanced communication, leading to improved collaboration and optimized performance.


Your challenge:

Does your organization face persistent roadblocks, stifling innovation and growth? Are you seeking fresh ideas and inventive solutions to overcome these hurdles?

Workshop Purpose:

Whether it’s identifying untapped opportunities, fostering a culture of creative problem-solving, or generating innovative strategies, this workshop harnesses your team’s expertise to overcome challenges and drive innovation.

Workshop Outcome:

By the end of this challenge/ideation workshop, your team will be equipped with a diverse range of inventive solutions, a newfound ability to tackle challenges strategically, and a culture that embraces innovation, propelling your organization towards sustainable growth and success.


Your challenge:

Have you recently completed a project or a significant period of work and want to ensure continuous improvement by reflecting on both successes and areas for enhancement?


Workshop Purpose:

Whether it’s celebrating achievements, analyzing challenges, or identifying actionable improvements, this retrospective workshop provides a valuable opportunity for your team to learn and grow together.

Workshop Outcome:

By the end of this retrospective workshop, your team will have a deeper understanding of project outcomes, valuable insights into areas for refinement, and a clear plan to implement positive changes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.


Break away from the routine and recharge your team during a TEAM RETREAT, with one or a combination of these workshops, combined with fun team-building activities, this unique experience will ignite inspiration, strengthen bonds, and leave your team energized to conquer challenges together with enthusiasm and focus.


Workshops designed for:

  • Leadership/C-level and their business & IT consultants
  • Innovation/digital transformation teams

AI Experience Session

Your challenge:

Should we dive into AI for our company and begin exploring now? Plus, can you give us a glimpse into how AI Design sprints function?

Workshop Purpose:

Grow smarter about the potential of AI. This experience session will deepen your understanding of AI and how to craft solutions for your organization. To start, we only require your expertise.

Workshop Outcome:

Nach nur 90 Minuten werden Sie das Potenzial Künstlicher Intelligenz für Ihr Unternehmen besser verstehen, ohne dabei technischen Hintergrund zu benötigen.

AI Opportunity Mapping

Your challenge:

What does AI mean for our company and where should we start applying AI?What are the practical steps to kickstart our company’s AI journey?

Workshop Purpose:

Embark on a journey to uncover how AI can transform your company. Discover strategic opportunities where AI can drive innovation and pave the way for a future-oriented approach.

Workshop Outcome:

By the end of this ½ Day workshop,  you’ll walk away with an AI heatmap highlighting the key hotspots of AI potential within your company.

AI Process Automation

Your challenge:

How can AI elevate our processes? Which specific tasks can be streamlined and optimized through AI-driven automation?

Workshop Purpose:

Trust a proven framework to identify processes ripe for automation. Develop AI-powered solutions that lead to seamless, efficient workflows within your team.

Workshop Outcome:

Leave this 1 ½ Day Workshop with AI-driven concepts for automated processes. A sought-after module for operational excellence.



I create engaging, hands-on trainings that get you skilled to guide groups through projects, meetings, training and your own workshops.


Learning experiences designed for:

  • Leadership, c-level
  • Aspiring facilitators & learning & development trainer



Do you want to learn how to lead groups effectively, involve everyone, and maximize group dynamic?

This training is centered on equipping individuals with the knowledge and techniques to expertly guide groups. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of facilitation fundamentals, interactive tools, and hands-on practice.

Attendees will possess the skills to adeptly lead teams, conduct productive meetings, facilitate brainstorming sessions, and create captivating training and workshops. This results in enhanced team leadership, more engaging interactions, and increased effectiveness in fostering collaboration.


Are you enthusiastic about the potential of workshops and eager to delve deeper into the art of designing impactful sessions while considering all essential aspects?

Tailored for those who are keen to master the craft of workshop design, this training is focused on how to methodically address the workshop’s purpose, follow a robust framework, onboard participants effectively beforehand, establish an inviting atmosphere, craft purposeful activities adapted to the goal, and make the outcomes measurable.

At the end of the training, participants will possess the skills to create well-structured and engaging workshops that fulfill their intended purpose. With the ability to strategically plan, execute, and assess workshops, attendees will see enhanced engagement, more tangible results, and a greater impact on their teams and projects.


Are you tired of traditional management approaches and seeking to transition into a supportive and facilitative leadership style that empowers and uplifts your team?

This program focuses on nurturing a growth-oriented leadership mindset while providing the tools to harness your team’s collective excellence. Learn to foster psychological safety, align teams with practical tools, and ignite team members’ potential through facilitative leadership practices.

At the end of the workshop, you will embrace your empowered leadership identity, equipped with a cultivated mindset and honed skills. You will elevate your team’s potential through collaborative enablement, seamless alignment, and become a trusted leader whom team members look up to—ultimately fostering enduring success and driving transformative leadership.


& sharing

I offer personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions to bolster your confidence, driving your career and personal growth and success.


Mentoring sessions designed for:

  • Aspiring facilitators
  • Teamleader and learning & development trainer


Do you want to get some guidance and reinsurance for your upcoming workshop, ensuring it’s engaging and impactful for your participants?

Sometimes, having a sparring partner can make all the difference. I’m here to share my expertise, offer valuable resources and advice, or simply provide that extra push to boost your confidence.

Together, we’ll navigate your concepts, uncover valuable resources, or review your final design for potential refinements. As your supportive partner, I’m here to assist you in creating a workshop that stands out, leaving a lasting impact and establishing you as a facilitator who delivers meaningful experiences.


Do you wonder, “How do I turn my passion for facilitation into a profitable venture?” as an enthusiastic facilitation adept?

Tailored for freelance facilitators, this mentoring journey is your roadmap to transforming your passion into a thriving facilitation business. We’ll work together to uncover your unique strengths, refine your workshop offerings, identify your target clients, and develop effective marketing strategies.

By the end of this mentoring, you’ll have a clearer business vision, a polished workshop portfolio, and a strategic approach to attract and serve your ideal clients. With your passion and skills aligned, you’ll confidently navigate the path to a successful facilitation business, realizing your potential and reaping the rewards of doing what you love.


Are you a young leader stepping into a new role and seeking guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

I’ve been there too, and I’m here to support you on your leadership journey. Through this mentoring, I’ll provide you with insights and advice drawn from my own experiences, helping you navigate your new role with confidence and effectiveness.

Let’s talk about your hopes and fears, creating a roadmap just for you. I am here to help you tackle your new role head-on, feeling ready to lead and succeed as a rising young leader or manager.

Being a voice as a keynote speaker


Want me to give a talk at your event?

I love being on stage and inspire the audience!!

Especially when it s about being my journey and experiences as a workshop facilitator, a collaboration believer or as a woman entrepreneur travelling the world.

If you believe I’d be a great fit for your event, I’m excited to learn more about it!

What people say

about their experience with Nathy

What people say

about their experience with Nathy

We’ve partnered with Nathy Ravez on three projects: a KPI workshop, a new hire onboarding concept, and a services quality roadmap. Leveraging her goal-focused methodology and expertise in organizational development and process optimization, Nathy adeptly steered the management team toward concrete achievements. Nathy is a highly recommended facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Mischa Zöberer
Former Group Managing Director Facility & Security
at big. bechtold-gruppe

In a single day, individuals were united into a cohesive team. Overcoming language barriers, Nathy orchestrated an engaging workshop for 30 participants, including French and German teams along with remote attendees. The experience was not only dynamic and enjoyable but also yielded tangible results that reverberated into ongoing team sessions. This impact manifested as a clear action plan with prioritized steps, guided by her dedicated follow-up, which successfully transformed challenges into new opportunities. I highly recommend her as a facilitator who brings teams together, even across language barriers or distance.


Moriset Dis
Prinicipal Chief Executive Officer

Nathy was instrumental in aligning our management team’s roles, enhancing communication, and problem-solving. Her empathetic approach revealed underlying communication issues, fostering improved collaboration. Proficient in facilitation techniques, Nathy is a true catalyst for teamwork. We’re grateful for her dedication, both as an internal consultant and freelancer.

Torsten Kopf
Head of Security Services TRK (ppa.)
at big. bechtold-gruppe

Nathy was a huge help in designing my last workshop; she slowed me down, listened to my concerns, and provided me with a few new perspectives on not only my workshop but also my attendees. She reintroduced me to the human element to workshopping. I really recommend Nathy; having a sparring partner when designing a workshop will always improve the outcome. Also, listening to her podcast will provide you with multiple insights on workshopping.

Matthew Shipp
Emberi Solution

Nathy is an invaluable sparring partner and facilitator. As my co-facilitator of a one-day workshop with an innovation incubation lab, she injected fresh ideas into the design of the workshop and supported me throughout the Workshop Day. Her infectious energy, creativity and passion for the cause are truly motivating. The enthusiastic feedback from the client (9/10) is proof of our excellent collaboration. If you need a reliable and skilled co-facilitator, call on her.

Maria Wichmann
Workshop Facilitator

Nathy is an exceptional sparring partner. When designing a workshop for a diverse team of 25 individuals from seven countries, she provided invaluable assistance in clarifying my ideas. Her insightful suggestions enhanced and tailored the activities for the multicultural participants. She consistently offers helpful book and website recommendations to fuel inspiration.

Anne-Cécile Graber
Strategy consultant and founder
of acG Management Solutions

Active collaboration with:

As a community curator

As a business partner

Hello, I’m Nathy, and people are my driving force. In my personal or professional life, I thrive on the connections I make.

From my loved ones to my music bandmates, strangers I meet on my travels, the guests on my podcast, and the vibrant facilitators community I’m part of, everyone brings a unique story, strengths, and struggles.

Bringing people together is where the real magic happens for me. I love to create environments where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow. Guiding others is my mission, and I deeply believe in the power of facilitation for better collaboration.

It s all about creating meaningful moments that leave a lasting impact.

Nathy Ravez brings over 20 years of project management and consulting experience to the table. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with renowned global companies such as L’Oreal and Bayer Healthcare, as well as institutions like the European Commission. Through a career she discovered that the challenges of collaboration span industries and even cultures.

As La Workshoppeuse, Nathy combines her expertise and passion for designing to design and facilitate workshops that ignite collaboration and spur innovation. Her sessions are renowned for their engaging and
energizing atmosphere, resulting in tangible outcomes for individuals and teams.

Nathy amplifies the voices of facilitators worldwide through her highly regarded podcast, “There is a Workshop for That”, which ranks among the top 20 facilitation podcasts.

Additionally, Nathy spread her knowledge as a community curator at BUTTER, a global facilitators community. With her extensive experience, contagious enthusiasm, and commitment to empowering others, she is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world of facilitation.

The only way to get started
is to start!

The only way to get started
is to start!

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