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4-weeks to launch your facilitation business with
a clear positioning to approach & attract clients with confidence.


Who is the TAKE-OFF Bootcamp for?

The Take-Off Bootcamp has been especially crafted for facilitators who want to start riding the freelance facilitator wave confidently.

This is for you if …

You want to go into freelancing but
you don’t know the first step to take

You already started, but looking for clients makes you feel invisible

You feel overwhelmed with decision paralysis on what really matters

You love facilitating workshops,
but you don’t know how to explain your value to the client

What to expect during the TAKE-OFF Bootcamp?

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence!

4 weeks of engaging workshops, supportive peer networks, and expertly crafted templates to start riding the Freelance Facilitator wave

Let's workshop this ...

workshop 1

Explore your backpack of experience, knowledge, & interest to set your facilitation purpose & reveal your expertise

workshop 2

Deep dive in the specific client challenges you want to solve & start approaching clients and build trusting relationships

workshop 3

Craft your message to the world, staying true to yourself and make your freelance facilitator business visible

What do I get?

The TAKE-OFF Bootcamp is a transformative experience, connecting you with like-minded peers and equipping you with essential tools to confidently start your freelancing career.

I get…

2 LIVE interactive group ceremonies to celebrate my individual and collective successes

3 LIVE interactive group mentoring sessions to align my passions, talents, and mission with my clients’ needs

✅ Powerful exercises to help me get clarity

✅ 10+ designed worksheets to me to deep dive into my business and build a plan for the future

✅ 4 LIVE Q&As with Nathy & team to learn and share experiences

✅ La Workshoppeuse Team favorite resources – Books, Podcast, LinkedIn Top Voice, Newsletter, Youtube Channels

💎 3 accountability work sessions to  get the most out of this bootcamp

💎 1 year access to the Miro board & sessions recordings

💎 Extended network with eager and talented facilitators

TAKE-OFF | May-June 2024 | Agenda

Wed 15 May

12:00 – 1:00 pm CEST

opening ceremony

Meet and greet. Connect with the rest of the cohort.

Commit to yourself.

Wed 22 May

12:00 – 2:00 pm CEST

Workshop 1: YOU

Introspection, reflection, discover your niche.

What do you want to be known for?

Wed 29 May

12:00 – 2:00 pm CEST

Workshop 2: YOUR CLIENTS

Explore your network gems, find your clients.

Who do you want to serve?

Wed 5 Jun

12:00 – 2:00 pm CEST

Workshop 3: YOUR VOICE

Express yourself, market yourself confidently.

What’s your freelancer voice?

Fri 7 Jun

12:00 – 1:00 pm CEST

closing ceremony

Time to celebrate your progress. Individually AND collectively.

Be proud!

Nathy deeply listens and points out the thing standing out I didn’t see. Now I have clarity on what’s my “jam” or my personal take on the experience I want to deliver”

Ayelen Malaquin

Strategic Designer

“Through Nathy’s mentorship, I got the knowledge and experience of someone further along my path – Exactly what I needed at this stage of my career changes.”

Nathan Brown

Workshop & Training Facilitator

Nathy helped me build out my offering and key differentiator so that I have an actionable plan to create awareness with my new business.

Rachel Magasweran

Workshop Facilitator & Director of TPM

What will it cost you to invest in your business growth?

All of the materials included in this TAKE-OFF Bootcamp were crafted by expert facilitators for facilitators!

✅ Miro Boards for the workshops

✅  10+ Designed worksheets

✅  Extended network of eager facilitators
Priceless! 😎

✅  10+ hours group time with Nathy

Total worth – before special rate

The TAKE-OFF Bootcamp
is only…


La Workshoppeuse Team

Having followed the same path, we, as facilitators, deeply believe that, gaining clarity on

What you do

Why you do it, and

Who you do it for

is a game-changer.

You’ll get:

✨ MORE Confidence to approach clients

✨ MORE Focus to do What Really Matters

✨ MORE Motivation from making a real impact!

On top of that, having met and bonded as friends and partners at a facilitation retreat, we profoundly trust in the POWER of CONNECTION.

Connecting with other facilitators starting their businesses truly sets this bootcamp apart!

How do I know?

Have you ever dreamt of a life where you could freely pursue your passions?

That was my dream as I lay in my hospital bed a few years ago.I was thinking:

“When I get out of here, I’ll travel, I’ll engage only in work I love, I’ll empower people, and I’ll make an impact.”

One decision! A dose of courage, a shot of strategy, a few sleepless nights…

I quit my job as an organizational development consultant and took actions. Going freelance as a facilitator has been a completely new adventure for me, filled with ups and downs.

but I did it !

Why do I care?

Now, I give back by mentoring other facilitators in 1-1 sessions cause we’re all swimming in the same ocean, struggling with similar challenges.

By focusing on the right things from the start, you learn how to effectively work on and in your business.

Get crystal clear about the kind of facilitator you want to be, the problems you want to solve, and the people you want to help, definitely accelerate your path as a freelance facilitator.

I’m committed to guiding facilitators in transforming their passion into a sustainable business, achieving the life they want.

Any questions?

How many years of experience as a freelancer do I need to have?

This bootcamp is rather tailored for early days or wanna be freelancers, i.e. 0-3 years of freelancing/solopreneur.

The purpose being to find, or refine, your niche so that you can craft your business purpose, validate your client target, and define your brand’s voice.

If you find that this could be valuable for you, even with more years of experience, reach out to me at to discuss more if this is a valuable program for you or not.

What level of facilitation is required to join the bootcamp?

This bootcamp is designed by facilitators, for facilitators who want to take the leap and go freelance.

It’s more about having a strong enthusiasm to leverage facilitation to run your freelance business, or how confident you feel about facilitating workshops.

In case of doubt, please book a call with me, we’ll assess together if this is the right service for you.

What are the tangible ouputs, deliverables I can expect to have received or produced by the end of the bootcamp?

Throughout the bootcamp, we’ll be working on the back of both Miro boards and worksheets which will guide you through activities you’ll do after each event.

By the end of the bootcamp you’ll have accumulated:

  • 🧭 Your personal compass as a freelance facilitator to position yourself as an expert
  • 📨 Expertly designed templates to approach your clients and develop strong relationships
  • 🎯 Your value statement to align your online communication and social feeds

If you want more details, reach out to me directly at to discuss more if this is a valuable program for you or not.

Do the price include VAT?

This purchase is exempt of VAT.

How do I pay?

When clicking on secure your spot – you’ll be asked to provide your details so I can invoice you/your company.

If you book before 29th of April – you’ll also be offered the option to pay in 2 equal installements (50% in April and 50% in May).

Once you’ve got the invoice, you can proceed with a bank transfer as per details provided on the invoice.

How will the bootcamp be hosted, how can I join?

All events will be hosted online – no in person. We’ll use a platform called Butter

I’ll send you the invites to join and all necessary information you need beforehand.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact me directly at or even book a call 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’m always ready to help!